Greetings to you all as the year draws to a close, and we can look back and see how God has been at work in our lives and in our schools. Most of you have been aware our theme/verse for this year is from Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you…” and many have experienced this in reality.

Our annual Prayer Day for Schools this year was held at PLC, and again it was a day when we were encouraged and felt the presence of God in our midst.

It was encouraging having some first timers come, and about 90 people attended the day, representing 34 Primary Schools and 16 Secondary schools, along with some from other ministries such as Access, S.U., Salt Shakers and VCCE and prayer intercessors.

The PLC staff were very supportive in helping plan the day, and we want to thank their Principal Elaine Collin and Chaplain Charles Green for their participation on the day and prior help. Elaine shared some wonderful outcomes of answered prayers by the staff for all the students and those in need. We were encouraged and inspired by this godly Principal who is a wonderful role model to PLC. Thank you Elaine.

We were ministered to in song by the PLC choral choir singing “Gloria In Excelsis Deo”. Then followed a time of praise and then testimonies- given by Sarah, Bronwyn, and Dalrene, all sharing experiences of answered prayers.

Sarah, from Mt Pleasant Rd P.S. shared how their group meets weekly with people from different denominations, but all are one in Christ. Their group has been functioning for 5 years and when they meet, they thank God for their school and pray for their staff and school community. They are also involved in practical ways within the school and in outside community events. Their group has seen answered prayers in appointed chaplains, healing in families and permission to pray on the school premises.

Bronwyn, from Caulfield Grammar, pointed out they have 3 campuses,, and pray for the safety of school, staff and students. They are aware many students are unknown to them as they pray for their schools, but are aware God is in their midst, and loves all His people.

Dalrene, from PLC emphasized the influence of prayer in her life from her family and in her youth and now how prayer and trusting in the Lord has helped her overcome difficulties she has faced in her life. She is involved in 2 prayer groups at PLC, and she shared how the God who parted the Red Sea can do wonders today. In her weakness God is her strength. She emphasized the need to pray for our schools and our nation, and when we do our part God will do His.

All girls mentioned that God has a plan for us in our schools and that He is in control.

Again two prayer sessions were held in small cluster groups covering many prayer points. This is always a special aspect included in this day.

Our guest speaker for the day was Elida Brereton who impacted us with her humour, inspiration and motivation. She shared how her church and youth group had influenced her life in her teen years, and even now some from that youth group still meet together. In some of the schools where she taught the teachers got together for prayer, and in some of the schools she experienced tough times and prayer was certainly needed. She shared some humorous stories of her teaching experiences. Parents prayed for one of her teaching appointments where she was for many years, and she realised it was God’s plan that she be there, encouraging those students and raising their morale, and being a blessing to many. Wherever she taught she had no doubt in her mind that prayer mattered and is a wonderful thing.

Since the Prayer day visits have been made to Benalla and Bendigo, sharing the PGS Vision and arousing an interest in praying for schools in those areas, and with churches adopting schools to pray for. The outcome has been encouraging with small groups meeting regularly to pray for schools in areas, and also regular prayer walks. Please uphold these rural areas where there is a real need for prayer.

Thanks to all our faithful prayer intercessors, leaders and members of prayer groups for supporting PGS. I pray a blessing on all our schools that we can trust in God who knows the plans and future for our schools and us.

What plans has God in store for you in 2015? Are you moving on to be a channel of blessing? Is God prompting you to become more involved in PGS? We need more helpers on Support team to reach areas where there is a need for prayer support. Receive His love, and He will raise you up and reveal to you His will and purpose for your life.

Thanks be to God for the privilege it is to approach our Father in prayer, and to be His servants on earth.

Blessings to you all this Christmas, and safety in the holidays. By the way, the web site is now up and running again.


From all of us on support team Marilyn (Co-ordinator), Chiara, Dalrene, Jude, Lai Poh, Lyn and Rosie.